Solutions by use case

Documentation Recovery

Problem: fast team members turnover

Easy and fast onboarding with Arcan Architectural Map. Your team leader will be able to transfer knowledge simply showing Arcan to the new team members.


Problem: recurrent technical debt

Integrate Arcan in your CI pipeline to analyse your code as long as you develop it. Prevent the technical debt accumulation and accelerate your time-to-market.


Problem: understanding the “why” behind past decisions.

Arcan provides your team the retrospective analysis of the past code versions.


Problem: validating the quality of outsourced development.

Assess the quality of outsourced development with the Arcan quality report. You will discover potential anomalies and will have a clear view on the technical debt.


Problem: Architecture modernization

Changing architecture and design requires time and deep knowledge of the system to modernize. We help you in understanding your code and planning the new architecture. With Arcan, we can quickly scan your codebase and identify software components and how they interact, allowing you to navigate your system without losing time in reading it.