Our solutions

Architecture quality monitoring

How much does your architecture cost? Which are its problematic spots? How can we fix them? Not only we answer these questions, but we assist you during the path of recovering and refactoring your architecture. We exploit Arcan to obtain an initial quality report and teach you how to intervene on your codebase in order to hit the top quality standards.


Architecture modernization support

Changing architecture and design requires time and deep knowledge of the system to modernize. We help you in understanding your code and planning the new architecture. With Arcan, we can quickly scan your codebase and identify software components and how they interact, allowing you to navigate your system without losing time in reading it.


Professional courses on software development and maintenance

‘Know your enemy’ is our motto. If you know how architectural problems are born and evolve, you can prevent their introduction. With our professional courses, we teach software design best practices, the genesis of software architecture anomalies and how to exploit Arcan for detecting them.

Our team at your service

Do you need a tailored solution for your ongoing projects? Leave us a message.