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Meet the new tool for software architecture analysis.

Architectural Smells Detection

Sometimes we make design decisions about our architecture which are good at the very first moment, but seriously affect the maintainability of your project as time goes on. With Arcan, you can quickly detect architectural smells - parts of your architecture which just smell like something is wrong - so that you can remediate as soon as possible. Available for Java, C and C++.

Automatic architecture recovery from source code.

Interactive and visual architecture exploration.

Identification and contextualization of architectural problems.

Technical Debt Evaluation

How much does fixing an issue in your architecture cost? It is important to keep an eye on how our design decisions impact on the effort we make to maintain it. Your time is your money, and Arcan will help you save it.

Arcan is available for Java, C and C++, and more languages are coming up next!

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