Meet the new tool for software architecture analysis.

Discover the hidden costs of your architecture

Arcan cleverly supports you in monitoring the evolution of Architectural Technical Debt, understanding its causes and in preventing its accumulation.

Technical debt principal estimation

A condensed indicator of the current debt of your architecture, in terms of cost (in € or $) necessary to achieve the optimal state, available directly on the Arcan dashboard.

Technical Debt evolution monitoring

Connect your Git repository to visualize the evolution of technical debt principal over time and consult the analysis results for each version.

Portfolio analysis

Compare different systems and focus your attention on the most critical ones.

Find out where your architecture smells

To estimate Technical Debt, Arcan detects Architectural Smells, a set of anti-patterns that violate the principles of good software design. When a smell is present in a software system, applying changes and adding new features becomes difficult and slow. Architectural Smells come in different types, you can consult them in our documentation.

Discover the sources of debt

Understand what kind of smells affect your code and where they are. Order them by severity to prioritise the removal of the most dangerous ones.

Contextualise the issue

Inspect the smell in detail with the graph view. Understand what dependencies are at the root of the issue and what to do to solve it.

Browse your architecture in a simple way

The Arcan Architectural Map is the essential tool for understanding your architecture. It features the interactive visualization of the system architecture as a graph and the computation of the architectural metrics.

Arcan can also produce architectural views: custom graph layouts that provide specific information about the architecture. Browse the gallery below to visualise some examples.

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