Job opportunity: back-end developer

Job Description: full-time back-end developer

Location: Milan, Italy (hybrid)

Benefits and perks: flexibility, work from home, challenging

The ideal candidate will be responsible for designing, developing, testing, and debugging the back-end of our main product. S/he must have experience in the field and a good degree of independence. We look for a bright and enthusiastic person willing to contribute with her/his ideas to the project. We are open to remote collaboration but require periodic in-person meetings. The candidate will have the opportunity to work on new features and decide on their design.

At Arcan, we develop an innovative tool to evaluate software quality and detect technical debt. Our mission is to cut technical debt, ensuring the development of clean, reliable, and safe software worldwide. Arcan is continuously growing: we have just entered TXT group, an international and specialized provider of engineering software solutions in high-tech markets.


  • Designing, developing, and testing the back-end of our main platform;
  • Build reusable code and libraries for future use;
  • Maintain the software documentation;
  • Adherence to development guidelines and punctuality of deadlines.


  • € 35K to € 45K, depending on experience and resume.

Qualifications – must have

  • 5+ years of Java or Kotlin experience;
  • Knowledge of Spring Framework (or similar), Java Jakarta, GraphQL;
  • Knowledge of SQL;
  • Knowledge of algorithms on graph (BFS, DFS);
  • Basic knowledge of service-oriented architecture;
  • Knowledge of good software design principles (e.g., SOLID) and design patterns;
  • Knowledge of Git, Maven, and DevOps pipelines;
  • Willingness to acquire new knowledge in the world of static code analysis;
  • Intrepidity, independence, and ability to identify the pros and cons of different solutions to the problem at hand.

Qualifications – nice to have

  • Familiarity with Docker and GitHub Actions;
  • Familiarity with Linux and Bash scripting;
  • (Appreciated) experience with Apache TinkerPop;
  • (Appreciated) experience with Language Server Protocol (LSP), Abstract Syntax Trees (ASTs), and/or other static code parsing/analysis technologies.

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