Use cases


To decide whether to redo or keep

When releasing fast, you need to decide fast. "Should I invest time in stabilizing and cleaning the code?" "Can I go on without incurring future shortcomings?" For small pieces of code or large components, support your decision with data.


To prevent technical debt

Integrate Arcan in your CI pipeline to analyse your code as long as you develop it. Prevent the technical debt accumulation and accelerate your time-to-market.


To validate the quality of outsourced development

How do you control the technical debt of your software suppliers? With Arcan, you can establish a minimum quality threshold and make sure you invest money in maintainable and reliable software.


To simplify the modernization of your projects

Changing architecture and design requires time and deep knowledge of the system to modernize. Arcan can quickly scan your codebase and identify software components and how they interact, allowing you to navigate your system without wasting time reading it.

Documentation Recovery

To recover lost documentation

The project documentation is outdated or lost, or the experienced senior engineer has just changed job? Don't worry: Arcan can automatically generate software architecture documentation from source code.