Find out where your architecture smells

The Arcan Architectural Smell Analysis module lets you quickly identify the parts of the code affected by smells and investigate their nature. Its features include two integrated views which allow you to focus both on the problem and on the impacted parts of the architecture. They are both accessible from the Arcan dashboard, which summarises the detection results:

Architectural smells view:

    • Visualize the architectural smells in the dependency graph of the project.
    • Browse the architectural smells as a list.
    • Compare Architectural smell instances using metrics, showing how critical they are for your project.

Affected components view

    • Visualize the affected architectural components in the dependency graph.
    • Browse the list of affected architectural components.
    • Browse the list of affected dependencies.
    • Inspect the affected architectural component’s metrics for a deeper understanding.

Your entire project in one page

The Arcan dashboard summarises multiple insights in one place. Keep an eye on smell’s evolution, control technical debt and quickly access all the features Arcan offers.