How it works

Step 1: input

Arcan automatically scans the source code of your project from your local folder or from your online repository.

Step 2: analysis

Arcan reverse engineers your code and runs a set of automatic analysis for quality assessment and architectural anomalies detection.

Step 3: knowledge

The Arcan analysis outputs the architectural map of your project and the results of the quality assessment.


On - premise

Deployed on your servers or personal computers


Online access to dedicated and isolated Arcan instance

Main features

Architectural smell detection

Identify and quantify the source of the most severe kind of technical debt to optimize your maintenance strategy on the long-term.

Evolution analysis

Spot historical trends and issues by associating arcan with your favourite VCS.

Technical debt evaluation

Keep an eye on architecture erosion with our estimation of technical debt to avoid extra costs in maintaining your systems.

For Developers & Architects

Architecture analysis for all your needs

Software metrics evaluation, architecture drift identification and more: Arcan supports you in the most complex and critical phases of development, architecture evolution and maintenance. Discover all Arcan features.

For managers

Strategic data for your business decisions

Technical debt data are highly strategic and decision-enablers. For instance, the technical debt index can be used to evaluate third-party software acquisitions and to decide whether to fix or re-develop from scratch a problematic project.